Preying on Prayer

Recently, a man was ordered to pay more than $7 million to thousands of praying people.  Specifically, he is to repay people who used his website, The Christian Prayer Center, to receive prayer.  Perhaps depending on the type prayer, customers were charged anywhere from $9 to $35 to have someone pray for them.  The payback was ordered because the website, pastors and testimonials attributed to the center and all the promises of prayer were fake.  Of course, religious deceit is nothing new.  But why do you think someone would feel they have to pay to pray?  Laziness? Isolation? Desperation?  Who knows, really?

Eventually, any conversation about what church is supposed to be about and be doing gets around to prayer.  We know we are called to prayer.  Prayer is how we connect to God’s will.  Prayer allows us to remove more of us from our lives so that we can focus more on loving God and our neighbor.  Simply put, we need prayer.  And our neighbors need prayer, too, and need to know people are willing to pray for them—for free!  If you have ever forgotten to pray for your church or someone who asked you for prayer, it is okay because there is forgiveness.  But would you be willing to commit to pray like never before for the needs of our church and community?  How about we ensure that what we say on Sunday is not fake by boldly and confidently praying to God on behalf of all those we ask us to?  Truthfully, I have committed to pray for this church more than anyone else.  I would, however, love some good competition!

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