Rethinking Christmas

Growing up, Christmas was my favorite holiday. Yes, that made me like every other kid.  And I should confess: It was the gifts.

Now, to be sure, there were other things that made Christmas-time nice: houses covered with lights; school parties; Dickens on the Strand; and Christmas vacation. If one of those were to be left out I would feel like I was missing something, that Christmas was a bit incomplete.

There are activities today that take the place of those childhood expectations. Thankfully, I have learned none of those things make Christmas.

Perhaps I am preaching to the choir, but that’s okay.

For many people Christmas is another reminder of a great loss. Many families know this will be the first Christmas since their loved one passed away. Also, even at Christmas, tragedy always finds itself on the news. Surely, then, Christmas has to mean more than red-bowed gifts and office parties.

Indeed, it does!

Christmas is the reminder that God is with us—that God came to us and will always be with us. In our joy or sorrow we can trust that God is with us. Without that, there is no Christmas. May God’s presence, then, be everything to you this Christmas.

Stay blessed…john

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