Sharing Bible verses

You’ve seen our bumper stickers and bookmarks.  Oh, don’t forget our doormats and Facebook posts.

So, obviously, you know that us Christians like to share Bible verses.  It’s an extremely common thing.  We’re used to it, and we know you expect it.  That’s why we do it even if you don’t ask us to.  We know your heart.

Another common place I’ve seen Bible verses referenced is in cards.  Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, get well, you’re-the-best-pastor-I’ve-ever-known, or just a simple hello card, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a passage of Scripture referenced.

I say referenced because it’s usually never written out.  I believe the assumption is that I know every Bible verse; that’s fair.

But what about someone who doesn’t?

Try this next time.  Go ahead and reference the verse, but make sure to tell your recipient why you included it.  Is it a favorite passage of yours?  Does it have a special meaning to you?  Is it related to a life experience you have endured?

Let people know.  You might find they appreciate the verse more, and it may become an important passage for them, too.

Stay blessed…john



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