We found out this weekend that Adam West passed away.  Of course, he is Batman.  The Batman.

The fun, calm and original Batman.

My favorite part of the original Batman series was the fight scene.  I’m not sure if it was every week, but watching Batman take care of the goofy villains was fun to watch.  And I can’t explain why, but my favorite part of a fight scenes was the Bat-fight words.

And my favorite Bat-fight word was SOCK.

Again, I’m not sure why.  I suppose it just felt like a good shot from the hero.  SOCK wasn’t one of the regular Bat-words.  You had to watch for it, and I did.  It was always satisfying when Batman finally landed one!

FastCompany combined all the Bat-fight words in one GIF.

What does all that mean for ministry? For faith?

I don’t know.   Sometimes it’s okay just to enjoy things.  Enjoy life.  There’s something Ecclesiastes-like about that.


Stay blessed…john


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