Sing Christmas! | Music Monday

I’m late.  I know. I know. It’s Wednesday, and I’m posting Music Monday.  If it makes you feel better, I planned to post this on Monday, but forgot.  Yea, I know, that’s so unlike me to forget anything. Our Chancel Choir hosted their annual Christmas Cantata this weekend.  It’s always a blessing to hear the Christmas story told with music.  I’m grateful for the people that spent many months preparing for this year’s event. This…..

Betty Goes to Jail

This weekend I preached from Luke’s passage when Jesus sends the disciples out with power and authority.  They were told to take nothing with them.  All they would have would be the power, authority and mission Christ gave them.  The sermon was a chance to emphasize the role of service in our Christian faith. If we’re not serving, what are we doing?  Probably taking care of ourselves, but I won’t preach that sermon today. Instead, I…..

You are not a funeral clown

Let’s be real.  Most churchy definitions disqualify me as a young adult.  So, at 38 I’m too old to remember what it’s like to be young.  That’s right.  I’m too old for the typical young adult ministry. Typical. At least I’m no longer invited to young-adult only breakfasts and planning sessions.  The issue now, though, is that the old people (you’re welcome) still think I’m sooo young.  I’m like an entire Sophomore class.  Freshmen are unique because they’re new and…..

What I would tell Sam Bradford

One of the big sports stories yesterday involved my favorite team.  Quarterback Sam Bradford informed the Philadelphia Eagles that he wanted to be traded.  Drama in the NFL! The word is that since the team made moves to, supposedly, draft a new quarterback, Sam isn’t willing to play.  Now, I’m not going to pretend to know what he is thinking or why.  There are plenty of people on TV and radio for that.  I’ve heard he’s a great…..