The Chopsticks Story

You might be reading this at work. If so, unless your employer regularly encourages you to wander to places that have nothing to do with your day’s productivity, it’s safe for me to say that you aren’t always a stickler for rules, are you? Even so, I like to bring up rules occasionally.  Specifically, every so often, I host a sermon series that relates the greatest commandment (a holy rule?) Jesus gave to John Wesley’s…..

Betty Goes to Jail

This weekend I preached from Luke’s passage when Jesus sends the disciples out with power and authority.  They were told to take nothing with them.  All they would have would be the power, authority and mission Christ gave them.  The sermon was a chance to emphasize the role of service in our Christian faith. If we’re not serving, what are we doing?  Probably taking care of ourselves, but I won’t preach that sermon today. Instead, I…..