Bible Study Death by Devotional

When it comes to the Bible, if there’s one thing that drives a pastor crazy it’s that many people in the church don’t make time to read, study and meditate on scripture.  If there are two things that drive this pastor crazy it’s 1) see the previous sentence and 2) many who do read the Bible are content with the sound bite versions they read. This isn’t anything new.  And many have often complained.  I, for one, have…..

The 10 Commandment Challenge

How about a simple, fun way to help your youth learn the 10 Commandments? Okay, some of you adults will love this, too. Here’s what we did in my Sunday school class this weekend to spark thoughtful discussions about what the 10 Commandments mean for us today. Materials 10 Commandment flashcards.  I’m sure some company makes a buck off selling these.  I printed some on card stock.  The kids thought the Hebrew-looking font was cool.  Each team…..