God’s will God’s way

Where there’s Gods’ will, there’s God’s way! Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is. -Ephesians 5:17 Stubborness can be an asset or a road block. If you know you’re following God’s will, keep at it. You will have all you need to do what God has put in your heart. But don’t let stubbornness cloud your vision of God’s will. Sometimes it’s frustrating because it’s time to stop. The fun…..

Back on track

For several years, I have kept a daily record of what I do. It’s a discipline that helps me in several ways. First, it’s practical. When I’m planning a recurring event, I look back at what I observed the last time the event was help. I keep track of numbers, phone calls, conversations and even weather events. The practice also keeps me accountable. I’ve decided there are certain things I need to spend my time…..

3 steps to reading

This is a great idea! If you’re wondering how to get kids to read, it’s actually pretty simple. Have them watch adults who do. I don’t have to prove that. It’s been demonstrated forever. But here’s the more difficult question: How do you get adults to read? Parents expect their children to learn how to read the Bible, for example, but aren’t in the habit of reading it themselves. What I’ve learned is that the…..

Stop being racist?

This is the most beautiful thing I have seen online today. Honesty goes a long way in healing what’s wrong with what we’ve become. What can i do to stop being racist? from r/NoStupidQuestions

Bread for this

Several years ago, I heard about a preacher that prepared for his sermon in a unique way.  One Sunday he was to preach on the Bread of Life text (John 6).  He thought of a powerful way to help the sermon stick with his congregation.  He had prepared for several church members to bring their bread machines to church earlier in the morning.  Forgive me for not knowing how long bread takes to bake, but…..