The gift

This weekend we had our youth group over at our house. We did all the things we would normally do at youth group. Silly game. Snacks. Coffee, too. Prayer and Bible study. Right before our Bible study and prayer, I put a gift bag on the table where we were all gathered. It was a red, shiny Christmas bag Santa brought Nathan last year. I told the group that everyone was responsible for giving everyone…..

Cowboys for a night

Our youth group hosts a taco breakfast every Sunday morning in order to raise money for summer camp.  They attend camp in Sacramento, NM. It had been a while that I noticed a slump in attendance at the breakfast.  Consequently, the amount of money they raised every week decreased, too.  After they would work all morning, they would come to Sunday School and I would ask them how much they made.  Disappointed, they would tell me…..

The 10 Commandment Challenge

How about a simple, fun way to help your youth learn the 10 Commandments? Okay, some of you adults will love this, too. Here’s what we did in my Sunday school class this weekend to spark thoughtful discussions about what the 10 Commandments mean for us today. Materials 10 Commandment flashcards.  I’m sure some company makes a buck off selling these.  I printed some on card stock.  The kids thought the Hebrew-looking font was cool.  Each team…..

Getting social

News anchors seem to love saying it the most.  But even when that actor portryal on your favorite business commercial mentions “social media,” I can’t help but think that no one under the age of 56 is watching them. Adults have a weird fascination with social media.  They’ll complain about everyone being stuck to it, but also want to try their hand at it.  Oh, because everyone wants them to, of course.  And somehow their Facebook…..