The gift

This weekend we had our youth group over at our house. We did all the things we would normally do at youth group. Silly game. Snacks. Coffee, too. Prayer and Bible study.

Right before our Bible study and prayer, I put a gift bag on the table where we were all gathered. It was a red, shiny Christmas bag Santa brought Nathan last year. I told the group that everyone was responsible for giving everyone else a gift when we got together.

“I didn’t know about that,” someone said, nervously. Someone wondered if there was a price limit.

I assured them that this gift was, actually, priceless.

All they had to do was put their phones in the bag. By so doing, we promised each other that every time we meet we would give each other the gift of our undivided attention.

I’m writing this today because I want to remember how shocked I was at how easy it played out. No one complained or refused or came up with their best excuse why they couldn’t. All the phones were in the bag in a matter of seconds.

And we had a great study.

Give it a shot, in youth ministry or anywhere else you might be around people.

Stay blessed…john

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