The scariest costume ever

My idea for the scariest Halloween costume came to me this morning. Yes, on Halloween day.

Have I ever told you I’m a procrastinator?

It won’t cost you much money. You’ll be dressed in no time. In fact, where whatever you want. Dress up. Dress down. Wear your work clothes. Dress like a minion (There’s a joke in there somewhere).

It doesn’t matter.

Next, crab a pile of index cards. Write the word “DARN” on each of them. DARN as opposed to D**N just in case the children are reading. Then give a card to anyone you meet.

“Who are you?” they’ll ask. And you’ll say, “I’m someone who gives a darn.”

That’s the scariest thing for a selfish world! Can you imagine if there were more people who walked the earth that did give a darn? Perhaps I should clarify. Give a darn about important things.

I often return to Galatians 6:2. It reads:

Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

When I give a darn about you, I’ll bear your burdens with you. When I give a darn about abused children, I’ll bear that burden with them. Drug addicts? Homeless families? Dropouts? Criminals? Those thinking of suicide? Divorced families? When I give a darn, I’ll find ways to bear their burdens with them, and, thus, fulfill the law of Christ.

Hopefully, it won’t just be a costume.

Stay blessed…john

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