They’re watching

Recently, I had a God-filled conversation with a group of young people.

We talked about a lot of things related to our faith in God and what ministry is for a church and a youth group. It didn’t take long for the conversation to get around to some of the things a church should do to reach new people.

Praise God it didn’t take long!

For the sake of time, I can’t share everything with you. But there was one thing I couldn’t wait to tell you.

I asked this question: What’s 1 thing you (younger generation) can learn from the much older generation? The first response was “their passion and commitment.” The second response was similar.

What a reminder! Too many times I hear complaints about younger people. They’re always on their phone. They’re lazy. They don’t care.

I know young people better than that!

And I think it’s awesome that they notice the example of faith from people much older than them.

I have to specify “much older” because another comment came out in that discussion. “Not like people a little bit older than us, or like our parents’ age. They don’t go to church a whole lot. It’s the older people that are always here. You can tell it matters to them.”

Let me transition from that.

I love this next video. First, I love Toy Story. But the story behind the video is that 2 brothers who loved the movie spent 8 years creating a stop-motion recreation.

Check it out.

You might think that’s a long time to waste on a project like that. Maybe you’re right.

Then again, read the opening line from their movie:

8 years ago, two brothers set out to explore filmmaking by recreating their favorite film. The following is a product of that endeavor.

I’d like you to consider that this is a model of ministry for the church. A watching generation needs encouragement to take the story of Jesus and make it their own. Maybe how they do that is different, but the story is the story.

One thing I’ve heard from some young people is they don’t feel like they’re able to do that. Church really isn’t for them.

And then we wonder why they find other stories to tell.

Stay blessed…john

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