To Children’s Church or not to Children’s Church

I wholeheartedly disagree with the concept of completely removing children from “regular” worship. It’s a stupid, modern idea that perpetuates what’s wrong with our sense of worship.

What’s wrong with our sense of worship?

By and large, we speak of worship in terms of what it means to us. Going to church makes me feel good. It reenergizes me, gets me ready for the week.

That’s why we argue about worship styles and formats.

We’ve made worship about us. Worship is all about God.

Keeping fidgety children out of worship helps me focus more. Friend, if you can’t focus on God when you’re in a sanctuary, it’s not that child’s fault. How are you going to focus on God outside of the sanctuary?

Of course, we won’t say it’s because they’re disruptive. It’s to help them learn about Jesus. If that we’re true, you’d have brought them to Sunday School.

Now, again, having a complete worship “experience” just for children bothers me. What I wrestle with is whether there are moments or times when it’s good to allow children a time for themselves. My inclination is no. But I’ve always been a little flexible.

What’s your take on Children’s Church?

Stay blessed…john

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