Vows to keep

I was reading about the nazirite vows.  These vows were made to set oneself apart for God.  Read about it in Numbers 6.

It got me wondering about the kinds of vows we make to God and what prompts them.  When was the last time you made a vow to God?  Lent is approaching and I know you may be thinking of making a vow to not drink or eat something in particular.

Although I would always strongly encourage you to consider making a significant sacrifice, giving up Coke is fine.

More important, though, is why you’re giving something up.  You’re supposed to?  Tradition?  Everyone else is doing it? Maybe I’ll lose a few pounds?

Whatever vow you make to God, whether during Lent or any other time, is an important element of your life with God.  So, make sure to take it seriously.  Know what you are expecting from God during your vow and, perhaps more so, pay attention to what God is expecting of you.

Stay blessed…john

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