Wait for it

The hardest part about asking questions is waiting for answers.

Let me rephrase that.  The hardest part about asking good questions is waiting for answers.

We are used to being rewarded for expediency.  But if you’re trying to learn something, solve an issue or move forward you need time to ask questions.  If you don’t create that time, you don’t really engage people’s creativity or knowledge.  You merely put a question mark at the end of  your statements, opinions or what you want to have happen.  It’s hard to build a trusting, quality relationship within church (or anywhere else) like that.

So, ask good questions.  And then wait for the answers.

You’re going to have be silent.  You’ve managed to ask a good question.  Now, you get to watch it work.

Stay out of the way of a good question.  Wait for the answers.

Stay blessed…john


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