Walking With God

I’ve been preaching from the Psalms for the last couple of weeks. That’s always a bit of a challenge. Usually, you can retell a story of Jesus or explain something Paul was trying to say. With a psalm you have to pay closer attention to what the psalmist was feeling and what may have sparked the words s/he wrote.

This week I tied some of the words from Psalm 22 to our ideas of success and failure. If our self esteem is tied to how well we do (or don’t do), we may think that God feels the same way. At one point, the psalmist felt as if his failure (or tragedy) had removed him from God’s presence

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

By the end of the psalm, however, the psalmist has changed. There is a sense of confidence that stems from God’s power and might.

And I hope that we can feel the same way, that our successes and failures do not influence God’s love for us. God does not love us any less if we fail or any more if we succeed.

So, have a listen to this week’s sermon and let me know what you think.

++If you’re reading by email or news reader, click here to listen to the sermon.++

Stay blessed…john

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