Wet bread

Let me introduce you to Capirotada.  May you have a long, lasting relationship together.

Usually, people make this dessert during the season of Lent–coming to a church potluck near you, if you’re lucky!

You might not know how to pronounce it properly, but just know it’s a type of bread pudding.  And I’ve always liked it.  I was enjoying one night and someone with me said, “I don’t like capirotada.”  While I had heard of people not liking it, I wasn’t ready for the next statement:

I don’t like wet bread.

Me and capi have never been the same. I never thought of it as wet bread before. The only thing worse than wet bread is wet socks, but I’ve never tried to eat those. You see?  Before I called it wet bread it was okay.  Now, I’m hesitant to have any more.

The point?  Be mindful of your words.  Words paint pictures for and have an impact on people.  You don’t want to mess up someone’s dessert.  Or even their faith.

Stay blessed…john

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