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By the way, sometimes it’s okay to start change small.

Doing something completely new can be daunting.  It can be scary.  Well, for most people.  There are those among us that love to blaze the trails; we call them trailblazers–we’re so creative.

For most of us, however, trying anything new is feels like feeding Gizmo after midnight.

But if you’re not willing to move to the new, you’re bound to get held back.  So, instead of fretting about having to do something new, sometimes it’s good to splash a little new into the old you’re already doing.  Yes, new wine in old wine skins is foolish.  But that’s not what we’re talking about.

Jesus knew that new mixed with an old mindset is useless, even destructive.

I’m willing to assume you want the best for your church, your family or for whatever you’re thinking about.  If that’s true, add a little new here then a little new there.  Pretty soon you’ll look back and realize you’ve done more than you realize.  As a reminder, you don’t always have to start completely new. It’s good to sprinkle in new into what you’re already doing.


Stay blessed…john


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