God will be with us when we go!

It’s Day 2 of the 2016 General Conference.

Most of you know my complicated relationship with ongoing meetings.  There’s some especially hard feelings about a 10-day, multi-million dollar meeting hosted in the name of the Lord.  That’s why it’s difficult to fully understand how and why I get so caught up in watching.  For the most part the worship services make everything else bearable.  Of course, I probably wouldn’t watch as much if it weren’t for having Twitter available, too!  8 more days, y’all.

I’m preparing for this week’s Pentecost Sunday sermon, and a lot of it feels a bit bland.   That’s why today’s opening worship was extremely meaningful for me.   During General Conference’s worship, we were led through a call to confession that utilized the hymn The Summons.  I love that hymn!  It did hurt a little as we confessed our unwillingness to respond to God’s call.

God-1, John -0.

I consider myself to be a decent preacher.  I do until I hear someone that is!  Bishop Gregory Palmer gave the Episcopal Address this morning.  It’s a whole lot of awesome.

God-2, John-0

Take some time to listen and watch.  It’s an inspiring word.  Particularly, related to the church’s mission, Bishop Palmer has some truly prophetic words about what God promises when we finally “go.”

Stay blessed…john

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