When you’re a pastor

When you’re a pastor,
someone is there to say something discouraging to you.
And about you.
Someone is there to question everything you say and do.
Yes, everything.
Someone will have their more-than-fair share of critiques of you.
And opinions

When you’re a pastor,
some people give you credit that only belongs to God.
Some lie to you.
Some people will fake you out and use you for what they want.
Some bail on you.
You never know how honest you can be with someone else,
second guessing.

When you’re a pastor,
people will love you like you are one of the family.
They will bless you.
People don’t always understand everything you carry.
They pray for you.
They want to help your family any way that they can.
And they do so.

When you’re a pastor,
you realize something important about what you do.
You’re just like them.
You do your job for the same reason they try to do theirs.
For God’s glory.
People realize the complexity of what you face.
They face it, too.

When you’re a pastor,
others bless your life.

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