Who do you think you are?

I often hear from people who feel a bit inadequate to either share their faith or teach others what they know about Christ.

The phrase they use is, “Who am I to try to teach them?”

That’s a humble approach to take.  Yes, who are you to speak on behalf of the Creator of the world?  Who are you to attempt to connect someone’s life with the the Almighty?  Who are you to be so bold to make declarations about the Lord of lords, King of kings?

You don’t know everything.  You’re probably barely trying to figure your life out as it is.

Who are you?

I know who.

You’re the person God put in someone’s day, that’s who you are.  Whether you’re a friend, a church member, co-worker or random guy standing in the grocery line, if you sense God nudging you, then you’re the person God chose for that moment.

Stay blessed…john

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