Who is useless?

I feel as if God is trying to get my attention.

For whatever reason(s), it took me forever to read Leanord Sweet’s book, Viral: How Social Networking Is Poised to Ignite Revival.  No, it wasn’t a difficult read at all. If you’re interested in the implications of social media or think it’s a total waste of humanity, you should read the book and be enlighted. He talks about both kinds of people, Gutenbergers & Googlers.

Frankly, after I read any of Sweet’s books I feel as if I have a year’s worth of sermon material ready to go.

He mentions in Viral something he took up as a spiritual discipline. You probably have a long list of contacts in your phone, right? So did he. And I’m sure most of your contacts have that grey silhouette as its picture. Believe it or not, that picture doesn’t always capture the essence of each person.

Sweet set out to change that and put a picture to every contact he had. As he did, he added a prayer for each person. It was a way to remind him that each of those lives matter in some way to him, and ultimately to God.

It seems like I’ve thought about that idea before. While I’d like to think it’s because I thought of how meaningful an act it would be, in actuality, it is probably more akin to my need to have an album cover for every song on my iPod–OCD or OCPD!

Here’s where God enters.  I finished reading that book just in time to read this tweet this morning:

90% of the contacts in my phone are useless.

In a matter of 18 minutes that statement had 101 retweets and had been favorited 67 times. Other people must agree. Well, I don’t want to. At some point those people meant something to me, even if for a moment.  Of course, and more to the point, those people matter to God.  People are not useless.  I sure hope someone wouldn’t see my name in their phone and think, “Useless.”

So, this morning I committed to following Sweet’s lead.  If you’re in my phone, you’re eventually going to have a picture added to your name and you are going to be prayed for.  And there’s nothing you can do about it.  Well, you may want to make sure I have the right picture for you.  I have no problem using pictures of you from that one time at youth camp or helping at the church fish fry.

Is that a practice (discipline) you could try?  How can you connect with someone in your life in a meaningful way soon?

Stay blessed…john



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