Why husbands should make the bed

There’s a simple reason you, Mr. Husband, should be making your bed everyday.

Depending on the number of throw pillows you’ve acquired, making the bed takes approximately 1.5 minutes.  Yes, I’ve timed it.  Now, I’m not suggesting a simple gesture of your willingness to pull your weight around the house.  If you want to do that, take care of the dishes or run the vacuum (without being asked!).

No, I have something much more meaningful in mind.

I’ve never ran a poll, but I get the impression a lot of husbands forget to pray for their wives.  Okay, maybe they don’t forget.  Maybe they get too busy to pray for their wives.  Maybe they’ve never thought to pray for their wives.  But think of it this way.  You’ve committed to be with your wife through everything.  Why not commit to support her even before she “needs it”?

If you commit to make the bed, you can use that 1.5 minutes to intentionally pray for your wife.  Everyday.

What do you pray for?

  • for her faith
  • for her day to be blessed
  • for her health and wholeness
  • that she could withstand any discouragement she may face today
  • that your marriage would be a blessing to her (and you)
  • that God would keep you in love with each other
  • for purity of love and affection
  • for concerns or troubles you know she has dealt with lately
  • (fill in your blank)

Make sure to give thanks to God for your wife, too.  And be protective of these 2.5 minutes.  Make sure you get there first!

Just like that you’ll find yourself praying more for the love of your life.  See how easy that was?

Stay blessed…john

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